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Tyler having farm funGreens in the fall gardenwinter radishes & beets in fall gardenSierra having a ride on a combineweek #19 CSA deliveryWeek #18 CSA deliveryMomma Pryeneese And her pupsMomma Pryeneese an one of her five pupsPEARL our female Pryeneese with her four week old pupsLast harvest of winter Carrots 2/14/11Hoop House Carrots 2/14/11Winter "ICE ART" inside Hoop HouseWinter "ICE ART" inside Hoop HouseWinter "SWISS CHARD" in Hoop House"MAX" and yes he's that BIG  laying on 13' floor tile"MAX" resting after a long winter nite on dutyMid December Hoop House HarvestMichelle" Yells out their ready"Hoop House "WINTER HARVEST"Winter harvest Hoop House "CARROTS"Winter harvest "LEEKS"Wk/21 CSA CoolerFall Radishes Ready To HarvestFall Leeks Ready To HarvestFall Leek BedFall Hoop House Radish BedFall Yellow Stem Swiss ChardFall Hoop House Swiss Chard Multi/ColorsFall Heirloom Leaf Lettuce BlendFall Hoop House Lettuce BedFall Arugula Ready to HarvestFall Hoop House Arugula BedWk.20  Cooler contentsSpring Day at Jan'sJan's KidsJan's KidsJan's Dairy GoatsDave's Hens Free to roam after layingDave's hens LayingDave's hens Morning feedingTom's Black berry patchHoop House TomatoesSwiss ChardSummer SquashYellow SquashYellow SquashPatty Pan SquashSquash BlossomsGeese,Ducks &Chickens in Pond areaSpring GoslingsMomma goose & goslingsGeese Flock  feed timeCarrots ready for our 1st CSA deliveryHorses enjoying spring pastureGeese & Ducks injoying winter pondOur Ducks & on frozen pondOur Geese in the SnowCSA Summer coolerCSA cooler Summer ShareMark setting tankMark &son Luke Final PrepLuke Prepping Septic Field to much RAINPrepping for new Septic TankRadishes Ready to SendSpring RadishesHH Radish HarvestGrandson Tyler Learning GardeningLesson Taught "planting Seedling"Grandkids Learning GardeningPlanting spring BroccoliPlanting Spring GardenPlanting Spring GardenMark Adding Compost to GardenChickens searching Compost added to GardenSeedling Hoop HouseHH Head Lettuce"Pearl" new Pyrenees pupMax's Baby" Pearl"Max's" date"MargrettFall CSA Cooler/DeliveryHH Lettuce BedVine reipened HH TomatoesHoop House TomatoesPrepping Sprout BedsSifting Seed CoveringLettuce Ready to HarvestLettuce Bed in Hoop HouseSprout Bed in Hoop HouseStarting Pea SproutsEgg PlantTexas Candy OnionsTomatoesJalapeno PeppersBell PeppersStraight Eight & Burpless CucumbersLocal table GrapesPeppersHeirloom CucumbersJethrow "bloodhound"Pasture Poultry Housing Snow covered hoop houseWinter Grown Swiss chardWinter Grown Swiss chardRiver Hills Spring event  our boothPicking BroccoliUncovering the Broccoli BedPicked Chinese Napa CabbageMichelle cutting napa cabbageTutu keeping watch in the gardenMark Picking RaspberriesOur Microburst at the farmtree damage from Microburst More tree damageSierra one of our farm helpersTyler helping with the coolersSome of our royal palm & bourbon red turkey tomsMax our main guard dog Flood 09 our front yard Heirloom leaf lettuce mixSpring radish/onionsOur ducks One of ourAnacona duckSam our Great Pyreneese guarding dogHoop house 1st planting Hoop house carrots/tomatoeshoop house beets bedHoop house beetsAsian greens mixRaised beds w/row coversSpring broccoli, chinese cabbage, cabbage set out under row coverHoop house w/shade clothSeedling ready for spring plantingSeedlings started in our hoop houseOur 1st crop of Goose berriesChive bloomsFingerling potatoesSpring snow PeasPea blossomsHeirloom Pea blossomsPea blossomsPea  row nettingSeedling hoop houseSpring garden 1st plantingPotatoes strawed inShell Pea blossomsShell peasRaised bed spring lettuceButter crunch lettuceCrimson butter crunchCrimson butter crunchAmish deer tongue lettuceRaised bed lettuce plantingMichelle's Clematis blossomsOur chicken hens sunning themselvesRaised beds in hoophouse planting

New Additions to Dry Dock Farm FamilyFebruary 19th, 2014

The new additions to DDF. Pearl had her Great Pyrenees puppies last night.  Nine girls and two boys.  The girls won this go around.... LOL.  If you are interested in a puppy they are $

1st Winter Share DeliveryNovember 11th, 2013

Good Morning Everyone,     I hope everyone is doing well.  Our first delivery is this Wednesday. It will be delivered in blue/white coolers, not the red ones.  We will still h

Silex Community Farmers MarketJune 28th, 2013

 Dry Dock Farm with Silex Community is sponsering Silex Community Farmer's Market at the Silex Community Building every 1st, 3rd, and 4th Saturday of the month.  Ours first Fa

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