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We are hatching and popping at the Farm

Posted 3/12/2012 8:19am by Michelle Wagstaff.

Hello Everyone!  We hope everyone survived the Holidays and are looking forward to Spring.  Although this has been a very strange winter I have to say.  I am back in Florida, my Aunt had to have her other catarac removed.  But I will be back next week.  Because it is so warm we are geting a jump on Spring planting.  Before I left we started hundreds of seeds.  My daughter has been tending them and says they are doing great because of the warm weather and sunshine.  This is a different winter than last year, but that is why I love farming it changes with the seasons and from year to year.  You never know what the Spring will bring us and we are always learning.  I think I like that part best of all.

We have been having baby ducks hatching out.  They are just so cute, especially when they get in their water bowl and take a bath.  They are like two year olds splashing around in a bathtub.  We have three types of ducks Kakie Cambells, Welsh Harlequins and Anacondas.   We have all kinda of poultry on the farm but I love my ducks and geese best of all.

I have a favor to ask of all of you.  We have applied for a grant at Raising Organic Family Farms.  It is seed money to help us complete our walk in cooler and a wide bed seeder.  Who ever gets the most votes gets the grant money plus an additional $500.00.  All you have to do is go to this website. 


  A picture of my grandson Tyler will come up along with the story I wrote.  Up at the top of the story there is three boxes the one that is red with a thumbs up you click on that box and that cast your vote.  I hope you can all have time to do this it would really help our farm if you could tell all you family and friends to also vote. 

We are adding a new dimension to our farm this year.  We will be offering vegetable plants, herb plants and flowers off our farm.  We are also, adding a produce stand, in it we will offer our vegetables, fresh herbs, eggs and all our farmer added products, Hiltys jams, jellies, raw honeys, flavored honeys, pickled items, Organic wheat flour, wheat berries, goat milk soap. 

 We have had a lot of interest in our local community for our produe.  So rather than go to a farmers market and set up, this lets us stay at the farm.  So if you are out in the Silex area please stop by we would love to see all of you.  The stand will be open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Times will be from 10am to 6:30pm. Look for our new farm sign.  (We will be putting it up in the next few weeks). I will let all of you know when we plan to open it but I think it will be sometime in April.

Well, that is it for now.  Hope you all will cast a vote for our farm and we hope to see you all this summer at the produce stand.

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Preston Sullivan said,
10/29/2013 @ 3:50 am
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