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A Little About the Farmers

Farmer and Farm History.

We bought our farm in 2005.  We found it on the internet.  It is located just outside the Village of Silex city limits.  The house was not livable when we purchased it.  We spent from Febuary till April before we had running water and inside plumbing.  We started from the gound up (It's a good thing Mark is a carpenter he has done all the work himself.) we replaced floor joist, new electrical wiring and of course all the plumbing had to be redone. We replaced the doors and some of the windows.  Then came the insulaton and drywall. We had just finished the living room, with paint and carpet We were at this point when in 2008 the property and our house flooded.  We received 16 inches in the house.  So we are back replacing insulation and drywall again.During this time we have also, been putting up fencing, shoring up the big red barn. and working on establishing our garden.  Mark first constructed us a propagation hoophouse with a grow table in it to start our garden seedlings.  Then in Spring of 2009 we built a 20 X 48 ft. hoophouse. We started our CSA in 2008 with 20 shares, and finished our 2009 season with 80 members. This year we hope to have 100 shares.

Now a little about Mark & Michelle. I grew up on a 10 acre farm in St. Paul, MO with my 3 sisters, parents and grandparents.  We raised hogs, Black Angus Cattle, a few chickens and a very large garden.  My Grandfather was a great gardener, he new the importance of feeding the soil. I worked with him in the garden. hand picking off potatoe beetles.staking tomatoes, planting seedlings. I also helped with the livestock.  My Grandmother was a wonderful cook and seamstress.  She got me up to the stove at an early age.  She taught me how to cook, can and preserve food.  So  it was enevitable that I ended up as a Chef cooking professionally.  But all through Mark and My life together whether we lived on acreage or in town. I was always growing vegetables, herbs and flowers in a small garden plot and in pots.  Mark was raised in town, but he lived in several cities in the mid west and in upstate New York, where he worked for a truck farmer at the age of twelve picking vegetables in the summer.  Marks father always had a garden in their back yard.  He loved to raise vegetables, raspberries, blackberries and flowers. Then one day Mark went over to a construction site and fell in love with building things, that launched his career as a carpenter and eventually he started his own Home Maintenace Company which he had until 2008 when we finally were able to make a living off our farm. 

We have two children Leah and Luke, between them they have given us 4 wonderful grandchildren, Sierra, Tyler, Ellie and Alexa. They love coming out to Grandpa & Grandma's farm it is such an adventure.

This year 2011 we add a new chapter to our farm. I lost my husband  Mark he passed away in March from pneumonia. I will miss him dearly.  He had such passion for our farm and the tireless hours he devoted to delivering our members shares.   But we have dedicated this year in his memory.  Our daughter Leah, Frankie her husband and our two grandchildren Sierra and Tyler, moved in with me to continue Mark and Mine dream for our farm business. They are going to make it there own.  So in Marks memory we are planning to have the best season ever.

Mark Picking Raspberries for our members share.

CSA STARTS JUNE 5THMay 29th, 2014


New Additions to Dry Dock Farm FamilyFebruary 19th, 2014

The new additions to DDF. Pearl had her Great Pyrenees puppies last night.  Nine girls and two boys.  The girls won this go around.... LOL.  If you are interested in a puppy they are $

1st Winter Share DeliveryNovember 11th, 2013

Good Morning Everyone,     I hope everyone is doing well.  Our first delivery is this Wednesday. It will be delivered in blue/white coolers, not the red ones.  We will still h

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